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Welcome to the temporary homepage for the Cascadia Historic Fencing League

The Cascadia Historical Fencing League (CHFL) is a collection of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) schools and practitioners hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to promote our regional HEMA community through tournaments and related workshops with the knowledge that friendly competition brings fencers, instructors and organizations together helping individuals grow alongside the community.

The CHFL strongly believes that inclusion will always beat exclusion and therefore we will work to make sure all fighters are represented fairly at all league events. A Code of Conduct will underlay the organization of any league sanctioned event allowing competitors to know they will not be discriminated against or mistreated for any reason.

The CHFL will provide essential organizational support including the tracking of regional fighter rankings, helping provide a trained staffing corps as well as promoting workshops designed to improve our fighters competition experience. It is important to publicly reward those who put in the work helping run a good event and we believe these efforts will deepen the talent pool of judges, directors and all other staffers.

The CHFL will also work to help share the amazing talent of our region on a larger scale with services like tournament scholarships and the opportunity to compete at other regional and national events. We will collaborate with other leagues nationally and internationally to help build a larger community of competitions for all levels of fencers.

Come check us out on Facebook or watch this space for additional information, including the forthcoming League Code of Conduct and Event Hosting Standards!